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Member: Deland Pickelmann
Member: Sonny Cherry
Member: Ken Kern

Alternate: Heidi Martinus


Board of Review Forms

Board of Review Application

Poverty Exemption Rules and Regulations

Poverty Exemption Application


Tentative ratios and estimated factors as determined by Saginaw County Department of Equalization are as follows:


                        Tentative      Tentative

Class                  Ratio         Multiplier

Agricultural       46.68%            1.0711
Commercial      51.87%            0.9639

Industrial           49.67%            1.0066
Residential        48.30%            1.0352

Questions, comments and/or requests for reasonable auxiliary aides or services for individuals with special needs should be made by written notice seven (7) business days prior to the Board of Review, to the Birch Run Township Assessor’s Office during regular business hours.


How do I appeal my property value?

The Birch Run Township Board of Review meets in March for a set number of hours and days, and it is during this period that you must appeal your property value. Members of the Board of Review are citizens appointed by the Township Board; and are not employees of the Township of Birch Run.


Notices of Assessment and Taxable Value are mailed to property owners in February of each year. Read your notice carefully and if you have questions be sure to contact the Assessor’s Office. Appearances before the Board are by appointment and the appropriate appeal forms will be provided to you upon request.


You will receive notification of the Board’s decision regarding your appeal a few weeks after the Board adjourns. This notification also provides you with information for further appeal to the Michigan Tax Tribunal (MTT) if you are not satisfied with the Board’s decision. You must file your appeal with the MTT by July 31st for residential and agricultural property or by May 31st for commercial real property, industrial real property and business personal property. 


Residential and agricultural properties are required to first protest before the local board of review in order to appeal to the Michigan Tax Tribunal.


When does the Board of Review Meet?
The Board of Review meets in March of each year to consider and hear Assessment and Taxable appeals, and poverty exemption appeals for the current year. Homestead exemption appeals are not handled in March. The specific meeting times are different each year, so please check back in February to find the meeting times for the current year.


Although the Board of Review also meets in July and December, it can only consider "clerical errors", "mutual mistake of fact", and poverty exemption appeals that were not presented at the March Board of Review meeting. Additionally, Homestead Property Exemptions are also decided at these meetings. The July meeting is always the Tuesday following the 3rd Monday and the December meeting is always the Tuesday following the 2nd Monday.

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